Vegan, Organic & Biodynamic wines from Francisco Gomez


We’ve got some great additions to the ever growing list of bottles that we import directly from the winery. Our latest discovery is Francisco Gomez, a producer based in Spain’s Alicante region crafting Organic, Biodynamic and Vegan certified wines which are a delicious treat that have buckets of character while also touting tons of ecological ethics. What could be better than enjoying a fantastic beverage that was made while keeping a keen eye on protecting and sustaining the planet on which all wine is produced and enjoyed!?

Organic wine is considered, by some, to be something of a fad but the simple truth is there are definitely associated health benefits especially when considering your condition the following day! The main culprit behind waking up feeling as though your skull is full of wet sand is not actually volume consumed but the sulphites present within the wine. Cheap wine typically contains up to 350 ppm (parts per million) of added sulphites which helps keep it fresh and disguise any flaws it may have. Organic wine must have less than 10 ppm of only naturally occurring sulphites, so whilst these wines are modestly priced at £9.99 – £11.99 they contain about 97% less of the badness that threatens to hi-jack the day after the night before.

They’re all great value and the consciousness of the winemaking in practice means that you won’t lose any sleep after indulging. Think about how well wine makes you sleep anyway. Now there’s zero guilt associated with the beverage itself. So, explore the range by clicking here.