Introducing Elysium by Holden Manz…

In Greek mythology Elysium is the paradise populated by heroes the Gods had bestowed immortality upon.  Elysium is also the newest release from Franschhoek wine farm Holden Manz. Whilst this wine is most certainly not immortal, only 800 bottles were produced meaning it is most definitely finite, it is quite possibly what Zeus might serve up to his battle wearied faithful once they’ve sufficiently proven themselves.

The wine itself is a co-fermented Merlot / Syrah. This means that the winemaker ferments the juice from both varietals together, this is most famously done in the Northern Rhone where producers of Côte-Rôtie ferment Syrah & Viognier simultaneously as is required by appellation law. The process requires a skilled winemaker as it’s much more difficult to make any adjustments to the wine later on as you can with the traditional process of blending already fermented wines from single cultivars. Thankfully, winemaker Thierry Haberer is a deft hand at crafting wines with the utmost harmony and finesse.

That’s not all that makes this wine unique, though. The vines are planted just metres apart directly outside the property itself. What’s unusual about this is that there’s very few, if any, other wineries which have terroir suited to both Merlot and Syrah – varieties which typically prefer very different conditions. It’s akin to having th very best Pomerol vineyard alongside another from the aforementioned Côtie-Rôtie and being able to create a blend which would make even the elders of Tenuta San Guido envious in its scant disregard for regional regulations as to what grapes are permitted for making a certain wine.

Now, you might be wondering how much a taste of liquid paradise costs. Well, it’s exactly the same as you’d pay for a bottle of Dom Perignon if ordered through our website but there’s one key difference. Annually there are more than 9 MILLION bottles of Dom Perignon produced which basically means it’s as far from exclusive as you can possibly get and that the only bidding war over DP is between sellers fighting for the lowest price.

With a production quantity of just 800 bottles of the 2015 vintage Elysium is 11,250 times rarer and more exclusive than Dom Perignon. Only a handful of people will ever get to taste it and this is your chance to be one of them.


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