The evolution of Chenin Blanc…

Chenin Blanc is indigenous to the Loire Valley and is often misconstrued as solely being used to produce off-dry Vouvray. In actual fact it has the capability to be used to construct bone dry whites bearing the same name which can age with a beguiling beauty for decades without any oak influence whatsoever.

Though you’re more likely to find the name of the cultivar on a bottle from South Africa where the varietal is the most widely planted white grape. These have often frequented supermarket shelves and sat atop pub wine lists, until recently.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has suffered something of a fall from grace since the days of Cloudy Bay being offered on allocation to being peddled by petrol stations under a multitude of monikers which seem to have a
pre-requisite to bear the term Bay as the summation to its title.

South African Chenin Blanc, however, is doing the exact reverse and establishing itself as a serious contender within the premium white wine sector where it offers tremendous value at under £20 per bottle.

Two of the stars within our range have to be Axle, crafted by Natte Valleij winemaker Alex Milner and bestowed with the coveted five star accolade from John Platter, and Stark-Condé’s Field Blend which has Chenin Blanc at centre stage supported by Verdelho, Roussanne and Viognier. The latter wine won winemaker Rudger Van Wyk a nomination for Young Winemaker of the Year in 2019, the award he claimed in 2018, and was adorned with a Gold Medal and score of 95/100 by Decanter in their annual World Wine Awards.

This is evolution, not revolution, click below to start your journey…

Axle Chenin Blanc, Darling, 2019

Stark-Condé, Field Blend, 2018

Axle, Chenin Blanc, Darling, South Africa, 2018