Wines in Dorset

When it comes to wine in Dorset there are many choices, but question is who specialises in fantastic tasting versions, specially imported to the UK for your to try. Museum Wines are experts in all wines and for us it’s a labour of love.  We have scoured the world and visited many locations to sample direct what we sell.  We only retail the finest options we choose and have tasted direct.  You won’t find many of our products in supermarket stores as they are specialist wines from around the world.

Wine Poole

We have 2 locations in Dorset and wine shops that sell everything you need to make that occasion extra special. We have a purpose built wine shop in Dorset developed from a debilitated barn, this provides excellent comfy and rustic surroundings from which to enjoy wine tasting and more in Dorset. We also hold events here too and can offer wine tasting in Bournemouth with excellent nibbles and food. These event are free too you just pay for the wine and food. You can buy our wine online or drop into our Dorset wine shops, here you can also sample the wine too before you buy.

We hold private wine tasting in Bournemouth every few months also, see our website for details and why not subscribe to our newsletter to get details of these wine tasting events as soon as they are released. We offer a large selection of wines at a fraction of the cost of other establishments. We can let you sample local Dorset based wine companies too not just wines from around the world like the excellent Stark Conde South African wine.

Dorset Wines

All the staff and owners are wine experts and have travelled the world finding rare hidden gems and then brought them back for you to enjoy. Museum wines was founded in 2003 and quickly introduced wine shops in Dorset. We supply wine to Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset as well as nationwide from our website. A purpose built wine shop was created in what was a dilapidated barn. The renovation won LABC North Dorset’s award for ʻBest Change of Use of an Existing Building’ in 2014. Come sample our amazing and wide variety of worldwide acclaimed wines including the Stark Conde South African Wine.

We love talking about wine, we love finding new wine and we love drinking wine. Come spend a few hours at our Dorset wine shops and leave with a new perspective and some new favourites. With all this great wine in two Dorset locations, you’ve got no excuse not to come for a sample, a chat and why not try something delicious while you visit? If you want specialist wine in Dorset and South African wine shop then take a visit to one of our wine shops in Dorset and whilst here why not try the Stark Conde South African Wine.