Introducing ‘NAT’ Pinotage from Natte Valleij

Pinotage as it should be, scant of new oak, eschewing over extraction and full of fun and frivolity…

Pinotage gets a bad rap, its not entirely undeserved, in fact some expressions absolutely deserve the condemnation that is cast down on them. Yet for every rule there is an exception and there are certainly a few excpetional iterations of Pinotage being produced in the Cape right now.

Those which seem to be capturing the hearts and minds with a fervent furore have been produced in a more ‘feminine’ style meaning they are more akin to its parent grapes, Pinot and Cinsault, than what one might typically expect.

So, who better to produce the latest example of the cultivar crafted in this way than the Cinsault Whisperer himself Alex Milner at Natte Valleij?

We’re delighted to be introducing ‘NAT’ – a naturally fermented, unfiltered and unfixed Pinotage made with fruit sourced from the Darling region which is fresh and vibrant, buoyant with boysenberry, blueberry and pomegranate.

Undeniably Pinotage yet typified but the charming, charismatic identity that Alex Milner effortlessly bestows upon all his wines. In short, it’s bloody lovely.

Natte Valleij, NAT Pinotage, Darling, 2021

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