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Tokaji Late Harvest

Furmint,Hárslevelü,Muscat Blanc á Petit Grains,


    Bottle size: 750 ml,

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    A half bottle of a vivid, lively Tokaji, one of Hungary’s famous dessert wines.

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    The village of Mád, from where this wine comes from, is the most prestiguous of the famous Tokaji region where some of the best sweet wines in the world hail from. The winemaking is thoroughly up to date and in particular allows the unique minerality evident in the wines to shine through. The natural high sugar concentration is well balanced by a refreshing acidity which let the floral and fruity aromas and honeyed apricot flavours blend perfectly with the teasing sweetness.
    Vivid and lively late harvest wine, the natural sugar concentration is balanced by refreshing acidity. Floral, fruity intense aromas, touch of minerality and fresh fruity lingering finish