Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy,

Sancerre Rosé

Pinot Noir,
  • Greg Sherwood: 94


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The Sancerre Rosé  is vinified ‘grey’. That is to say, grapes are pressed just after being harvested. The Pinot Noir creates a rosé wine of salmon pink colour, lightly tinted, and possessing plenty of freshness and fineness.

It goes well with cold meats, chicken and pork, and spicy dishes but can be served throughout a complete meal at a temperature of 8°C.

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In The Vineyard
Hippolyte Reverdy's family has been making wine in the charming village of Verdigny, a commune of Sancerre in the eastern Loire, for many generations—perhaps as far back as 1600. Traditional in nature, the farm was planted to multiple crops, and the Reverdys raised goats and made small quantities of wine from their own vines for local consumption. It was not until the end of World War II that Hippolyte began increasing his Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir production, selling it to accommodate increasing demands from Paris. Michel joined his father and brothers in 1971, shortly after finishing high school. Slowly but surely, Michel has found his own rhythm. Like his father Hippolyte REVERDY before him, Michel devotes all his time to his 14 hectares (11 planted with Sauvignon Blanc and 3 with Pinot Noir); he manages every aspect of the business from the production to the sales of his red, white and rose wines.