Maison Joseph Cattin,

Cuvée Noble No. 2

Pinot Gris,Riesling,


    Bottle size: 750 ml,

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    Maison Joseph Cattin, an independent and family-owned winery united for 300 years, has been dedicated to developing the originality of the soils to the richness of the grape varieties in order to give birth to a noble and elegant collection of Alsace wines.

    In The Vineyard
    Cuvée Noble N°2 is a unique blend of Riesling and Pinot Gris (Clay and limestone). Both varietals are considered ‘noble’ varietals from Alsace.
    The Cattin family has been producing wines since the mid 1700’s with 60 hectares under their control. This is a delightful 50/50 blend of Riesling & Pinot Gris, 2 of the ‘Noble varieties’ of Alsace. A charming & aromatic wine with citrus characters on the nose and a hint of Pinot Gris spice on the palate.