Luis Cañas,

Rioja Crianza



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    In 1970 Luis Cañas changed two hundred years of tradition and became the first winemaker in Rioja Alavesa to bottle his young wine rather than sell it as bulk. This bold move, and his continued pioneering spirit, has cemented the winery’s enviable reputation as one of the most progressive in the region. Sheltered below the watchful Sierra Cantabria, the vineyards are all old, small plots on chalky-clay soils with a dedicated team of vineyard workers carrying out organic practices and a purpose built, fully equipped accommodation block was built for the entire vineyard team in 2006. Today, now in his late 80’s, Luis still leads the annual harvest, standing at the head of the selection table, keen to ensure that only the best parcels of grapes are used in his wines. His son, Juan Luis Cañas is now the powerhouse behind this highly accomplished winery, but everywhere you go there is a feeling of family, and especially of the lasting legacy that Luis Cañas will leave for both his son and the Alavesa.

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    Certainly quite a grown-up Rioja with good, ripe, fresh red fruit flavours. In Rioja the term 'Crianza' on the label means the wine inside will have been aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels giving extra layers of flavour and tannins. This one spent its time in a mix of new French and American oak which has given it gently assertive vanilla, cedar and dried herb notes which complement the primary fruit flavours really well. It's full of rich red fruit flavours and the impressively dense palate has well rounded tannins and good levels of acidity giving it a clean fruity finish with a hint of eucalyptus..

    A beautiful lively expression in this style of Rioja. With 12 months in old oak, the impact of this practice is wonderfully integrated into it's ripe fruit forward representation. Dark, ever so slightly spiced cherries with a clean oak presence in every drop. The focus of this young style is very much alive and delightfully approachable. Without enormous tannins this wine is incredibly food friendly, but is also very appealing on its own.