The Sandman

Coastal Region,South Africa,
  • Greg Sherwood: 93
  • Jancis Robinson: 17.5


Bottle size: 750 ml,

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Wow. A wine that feels like the physical body shock of a hard-slammed door. It tastes like the sea. It tastes like the colour of the sea – moody, blue-green beautiful, restless. It has hard, high-cliff edges; white sun-bleached-shell minerality. The fruit tastes like lime and green melon pressed between sheets of plate glass. There is a line, by Sean Thomas Dougherty, in his poem ‘The Second O of Sorrow’, which goes, ‘Only to look up at the geometry // of sky’, and when I taste this wine, this is what is written on the abandoned-beach sand of its soul. (TC) – 17.5 out of 20 – JancisRobinson.com

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A virtually unexplored method of producing Chardonnay, resulting in a wine that boasts an alcohol of only 12%. With a perfect balance between mature and slightly under-ripe fruit, this Chardonnay was fermented and matured in contact with its crushed and destemmed skins and punched down twice a day until the end of fermentation. Matured in a 500L Terracotta Amphora with the bottom lined by fully mature and dried out stalks. Two months in contact with the skinsunder a layer of fresh virgin olive oil. Drained, unfined and bottlematured for a further year before release.

In The Vineyard
This unique Chardonnay is grown on the naturally sandy soils from the Franschhoek Valley Floor.
The colour of this wine defies the several weeks of skin contact, showing vibrant greens and yellows in the glass. Fresh lemon and lime form the crux of the aromatics, with endless brightness and life on the nose. The palate is endlessly complex and remarkably clean for a natural wine, whose texture in the finish begs another taste.