Call of the Void

Cabernet Franc,
Coastal Region,South Africa,
  • Greg Sherwood: 94


Bottle size: 750 ml,

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There is a phrase in French: ‘l’appel du vide’, which roughly translates to ‘call of the void’. It describes the brief moment when we consider succumbing to the lure of the siren song, or taking a leap from a great height. This Cabernet Franc is a consequence of that moment. An outright departure from regularity. The result is a bright, naturally low alcohol wine, with plenty of body and depth coming from the fact that the wine was fermented and matured on the skins for 4 months in a small amphora. A natural, unfined, unfiltered wine that may produce small amounts of tartrates and sediment in the bottle over time.

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In The Cellar
This old Cabernet Franc vineyard was planted on the rocky Eastfacing slopes of Franschhoek’s Dutoitskop Peak.

In The Vineyard
In an effort to capture the purity and bright red fruit of Cabernet Franc, these grapes were harvested at a potential alcohol of just 11.5%. Each grape was meticulously sorted before being fermented and matured on the skins in a small amphora for four months. A true and pure expression of Cabernet Franc, spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts and void of any influence from oak. A natural, unfined, unfiltered wine that may produce small amounts of tartrates in the bottle over time.
This may be an unorthodox wine, but that smell is undeniably Cab Franc. Take an uneven gleaming blade, preferably old pewter, seen many whetstones; slice a pile of fresh green bell peppers until the knife bleeds capsicum; throw in the stink-bug aromatics of fresh coriander, roughly chopped; add the rough of tree bark, the pock marks of acid, the ancient sous of field mushrooms, the new-cut of topiary and the gossip-sharp red of cranberries. An urgent, fragile-strong wine that is the embodiment of Andrea Gibson's raw, haunting My body is electric, especially when my power's out. (TC) 17 out of 20 - JancisRobinson.com