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    Henriot Rosé is one of Maison Henriot’s most unexpected creations. After several years of testing, this cuvée officially joined Henriot’s Champagne collection in the early 1980s, with the 7th generation of the family. Henriot Rosé is a quest for singular aromas, obtained by blending specific vintages and years.

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    “This Champagne is not only one of the most unexpected creations by Maison Henriot but also offers an unexpected aromatic profile.The aromas are fresh, elegant, precise and chiseled. Beautiful minerality characte- rizes this Champagne, elegantly punctuated with very subtle fruity notes, such as white currant. On the palate, this chalky dimension continues with an almost powerful freshness that gives it all its charm.” - Alice Tétienne, Cellar Master of Maison Henriot. Around 60% Pinot Noir - 30% Chardonnay - 10% Meunier 60 to 80% of wines of the year 20 to 40% of reserve wines 8 to 10% of rosé blend (Pinot Noir still red wine) At least 3 years of ageing Dosage < 7g/L.

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    The challenge for Maison Henriot was to create a Champagne Rosé that truly reflects Henriot’s style and philosophy putting the art of blending at its core. Thus, Henriot Rosé is a multi-vintage blend as well as a blend of the three main grape varieties in Champagne: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. Each year, the cuvée is produced from a selection of grapes with distinctive aromatic freshness and minerality. The cuvée is also blended with still red wine (produced from maceration of the skins and pulp of the grapes) from a parcel nestled in the heart of the Aÿ Cru. Depending on the year, it represents 8% to 10% in the blend.
    This Rosé champagne allies elegance with intensity in the purest Henriot style. Crafted by adding Pinot Noir red wine to the blend, this Champagne expresses the very best of Montagne de Reims Pinot Noir (50%) and Meunier (10%), while preserving the fresh mineral character of Chardonnay (40%). Henriot Brut Rosé also contains precious reserve wines which make up 35% of the blend. Every bottle is then left to rest in the cool, calm surrounds of their cellars for 3 years.