Cramele Recas Estate,

Calusari Pinot Noir

Merlot,Pinot Noir,Syrah,


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    Back in 1988, three families decided to invest in a winery in Romania, starting with 650 hectares of slightly unloved vineyards and a rusty, once state-owned winery.

    Yet Englishman Philip Cox and his Romanian wife Elvira, have turned the Cramele Recas Estate into the most successful winery in Romania. Recas are now recognised globally for their impressive scale and breadth of fascinating wines, including natural and orange wine from organic grapes. Despite the scale the emphasis is on making good wines that over-deliver, and as a result they’ve struck on a magic formula that has seen sales and demand boom. Vineyards are a combination of evolved plantings from 1447 and more recent planting, whilst the winery has seen significant investment and boasts state of the art facilities where innovation thrives. Recas are in every way a modern, dynamic winery, whose open minded approach and quality sets them apart … a winery you really can’t ignore.

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    In The Cellar
    25% of the grapes were transferred directly into 1000 kg bins without being destemmed then sealed and put through a carbonic maceration and fermentation for 10 days in order to produce astrawberry, fruity part of the blend.The remaining 75% was destemmed, lightly crushed and then macerated and fermented normally at 25°C in stainless steel automated fermenters. Both wines where then separately pressed and the noncarbonic maceration wine was lightly oaked for 2 months with French oak before blending.

    In The Vineyard
    100% estate grown gapes from the Uberland Hill vineyard. Conventional new world viticulture and meticulous canopy management. Grown on a variety of soils, from cracking clay to limestone rich loam. All vineyards are non-irrigated. Trained to vertical shoot postioned trellis with 2 to 4 canes per vine with replacement spurs. Intervine soil management by cultivation. Yields from 5 to 15 tonnes per hectare.
    Gorgeous flavours,almost syrupy in its concentration. Dark, rich and potent, with layers of black cherry, raspberryand cinnamon. Deep, with pretty fruit cake and spicyaromatics. A lovely longand lingeringfinish.