Brut Rosé MCC

Chardonnay,Pinot Noir,
Coastal Region,South Africa,
  • Platter's: 90
  • Tim Atkin: 90


Bottle size: 750 ml,

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A tender touch to Colmant’s alluring blend.

While Chardonnay makes up 25% of the blend, Pinot Noir leads the dance with 75%. A portion (10%) of the Pinot Noir is macerated on the skins to give the Brut Rosé its colour and signature red berry aroma and flavour. The Chardonnay contributes vivacity, finesse and harmonious elegance. 15% of the base wine is barrel fermented and there is a 15% reserve wine portion blended in. Maturation time on lees is 24 months minimum.

Colmant Brut Rosé is seductively appealing in its signature lively freshness and delectable flavour.

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A demonstration of true alchemy occurs in the creation of this wine, requiring unique procedures of blending and red-winemaking. 75% of this blend comes from Pinot Noir grapes, 10 % of which underwent a soak-on- the-skins maceration process, giving our Brut Rosé its colour, its unique red fruit aromas, and its vivacious qualities. The remaining 25% of Chardonnay grapes assist in creating a perfect harmony, adding finesse and elegance to the blend. 15% of the wines used are reserve wines from previous vintages and 15 % of the base wine underwent a french oak barrel fermentation.

A charming salmon pink colour, with a gentle glow of amber highlights, illuminating the persistent stream of bubbles. The delightful aromas of wild strawberry and redcurrant fruit infuse the scent, followed by delicate floral notes. A beautiful silky richness softens the palate with a succession of taste sensations, from red berry explosions to a subtle creamy texture.