Collequieto Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – OFFER FOR 6 BOTTLES



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    In Le Marche region, in between the sea and the Apennines, one of the most beautiful hilly landscapes of Ancona’s province unfolds – it’s the land of prestigious wines such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. Here, with its 35 acres of vineyard, CasalFarneto Wine Estate is located, where technology, tradition and sustainability combine to produce wines of excellence. Under the shade of Farnetto oaks, from which the Estate gets its name, the farmhouse boasts the cultivation of white and red grapes, with particular attention to organic wine.

    In The Cellar
    CasalFarneto’s wine production implements a low environmental impact policy, with specific treatments after chemical analysis, allowing for organic and less invasive fertilisation. Sustainability goes along the vinification process certifying its quality up to the bottling stage.

    In The Vineyard
    The charm of Autumnal vineyards is timeless. It’s important to work passionately and manually so that each cluster of grape gains the flavours and colours of the good wine of the olden days. Since the vine pruning – vital for the plant’s renewal and its subsequent performance, until the clusters’ thinning and harvest, each stage of the life in the winery is unique thanks to the attention to the terroir and the maintenance of its balance.
    Intense bouquet of red fruit such as dark cherries and plums, pleasantly spicy notes. Taste: Dry, rich, medium-to-full bodied, warm, lightly tannic.