Whole Cluster – FINE WINE SALE

Pinot Noir,
Walker Bay,South Africa,
  • Greg Sherwood: 95


Bottle size: 750 ml,

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This Whole Cluster Pinot Noir was spontaneously fermented from uncrushed Pinot Noir grape clusters. This is a centuries old technique – before the advent of the destemming machine it was the only way to make wine. Retaining the beguiling fresh fruit quality of the varietal, this wine is intriguingly austere yet seductive and beautifully composed with a dreamy texture and an assertive finish.

In The Vineyard
Whole cluster (also known as whole bunch) fermentation is used in Pinot noir winemaking in varying degrees around the world. Before the invention of crusher-destemmers, it was the original method of making wine – whole, intact bunches were tipped into vessels, stems and all, where fermentation occurs. This has a profound effect on the aroma, texture and tannin “feel” of the wine, the greater the percentage of whole bunch, the greater the effect on the wine. Increased uptake of phenolic compounds from the stems lends a subtlety to the wine, often highlighted by a brighter, vibrant fruit expression.
This wine possesses a heady yet curiously nervous aroma profile of bright red fruits, with a spicy, cinnamon, earthy undertone. The palate is focussed and delightfully poised, yet these elements of delicacy are couched in a structure of surprising depth, magnitude, and length.