Royal Wedding Deal! English and American Wine – 10% off!

In honour of the Royal Wedding this weekend, we’re offering a 10% discount on American and English wines so that you may celebrate nobly without having to pay royal prices! Use the coupon code: NEWMAJESTY when you’re checking out. We’ve got a great selection from the respective countries that are a delight to the palate and will ensure that you’re entertaining yourself and others on the cutting edge of cultural happenings.

America has a long history of winemaking that becomes more restrained and elegant every day. With the rise of the “ABC” (Anything But Chardonnay) movement in the past decade or so, we have seen a noticeable retreat of the use of powerful and chewy oak and are now seeing a greater focus on purity of character of the grape with oak being used with artful reserve only to enhance structure and add delicate flavour and character. Admittedly, the use of oak was overdone in many New World areas. And while oak-bombs still exist, it is becoming more and more of the exception to the rule in the world of finer wine. We’ve certainly got some amazing examples that offer great value from the good ol’ US of A.

England is now getting a lot of credit internationally for its sparkling wine.  There is a vein of soil that runs under the English Channel from Champagne to the south of England, making the soils almost identical. With the warming of the global climate, grape growing in England is not only becoming a viable experiment in the world of wine, but now undeniably produces quality fizz and even some still wines as well. Traditional methods of sparkling production found in Champagne are widely used with some English wines claiming awards over the Champenois competition. If you haven’t tried English wine yet, it’s simply a must!

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Drink well and better,

J Corey Evans