South Africa vs Rest of the World – Virtual tasting – Thursday 9th September


You’ll likely have heard us remonstrating about how South African wines offer far greater value for money compared to almost any other expression of the same style at a comparable, or even higher, price point.


Saying it is one thing, proving it is something quite different… but we’re going to try. Now, when we talk about value we don’t mean “cheap” – in fact of the six wines chosen for this tasting comparison four of them are priced between £60-£120 per bottle with each of the three South African contenders being more modestly priced (not cheaper) than those they’re going up against.


We will be tasting three pairs of head-to-head wines, having teamed up with Blind Faith once more the tasting will be fully blind, all you’ll know is that three of them are South African and three of them are from the ‘Rest of the World’. You’ll know which wines to taste against each other but it will be up to you to determine varietal or recognised blend, value, country of origin and, if you’re feeling brave, the producer of each wine.


For anyone not familiar with the Blind Faith tasting format, the wines are dispensed into 68ml pouches and will be dispatched on Friday 3rd September ahead of the live reveal on Thursday 9th September at 7pm. You’ll taste the wines in your own time, submit your answers using a google form and we’ll then announce what the wines actually are live on Zoom.


PLEASE NOTE: Packs will be dispatched via APC by Blind Faith on Friday 3rd September, if ordering other wines at the same time the wines will come from us whilst the packs will come separately. Please allow longer than our usual 2-3 day delivery time as the wines will need to be sent to Blind Faith, dispensed into the pouches then dispatched to you. Please be advised that it is not possible to send tasting packs earlier than the date specified above as they all need to be dispensed together in order to ensure the condition of the wines by the time the tasting takes place.

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