Half Hitch Gin


This gin is worth buying just for its ode to the history of Camden Lock. The manufacturers aim to bring back the former glory of Camden Lock as the hub and heart of London’s gin distilling and warehousing. The round turn and two half hitches was the knot used to tie up barges along Camden Lock, signs of which can still be seen embedded into the stone walls and wrought iron bridges if you care to take a stroll along it. There are three production methods – copper pot distillation, vacuum distillation and hand crafted tinctures – that are used in the making of the Half Hitch. The history of Camden Lock’s former trade is reflected in the use of black tea, bergamot, wood, hay and peopper as botanicals. You’ll go through a historical journey with each taste as you encounter tones of sweet orange, rich black. tea, lingering cinnamon and fresh lemon zest. Rich in history, rich in taste, an absolute gem of a gin.

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