Forlorn Hope, Albariño, Calaveras County, USA, 2015


Super, Wicked, Fresh.


Like a golden diamond wrapped in a steamed dim sum bun wrapped in white peach skin. The sheer amplitude of the roundness plays a beautiful duet with a headiness of ambient yeasts and varietal acidity that could be nothing but Albariño. Observe a triple-aspect of coast-air salinity, an alpine meadow of wild marigolds and a paddy field on a perfect summer day. Invigorating and 257% more interesting than the other Albariños on the market.


Pair with “She Drives me Crazy” by the Fine Young Cannibals as they both share crystal clear charisma and characters that are expertly integrated while still maintaining a ton of “fun” in their delivery. Also goes great with lighter dishes and scintillating conversation.

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