Equipo Navazos, La Bota De Manzanilla Pasada, 100 Botas No Jerez, Spain


Equipo Navazos is a group of friends who have united over a shared passion for the treasures of Jerez, Sanlúcar, El Puerto and Montilla. Working with local producers to identify high quality butts of sherry with finesse and complexity which they then bottle and offer in very limited amounts. As well as producing sherry, Equipo Navazos has collaborated with other winemakers including Dirk Niepoort and Sergi Colet to develop some intriguing and characterful wines from Jerez and sparkling wines from Penèdes.


This wine is something very special not only for being a milestone greatly anticipated amongst enthusiasts, collectors and food lovers alike, it is also a reprise of their most highly scored releases, La Bota 20 and 50 and 83. In acknowledgment of the demand for the 100th release we have touched 2 other sister barrels to the famed Bota No to increase the amount of wine available. The 2 barrels chosen from this hallowed solera of 13 bota have been selected for their immense character and similarity to the original Bota No.


A very special wine that shows a particular complexity due to an astonishing balance of finesse and chalky minerality, and roasted dry fruit nuances due to the start of the process of amontillamiento. This manzanilla pasada is actually on the border with a manzanilla amontillada, a traditional denomination that in our opinion is wrongly banned from labels.


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