Blank Bottle, St Rand Pinotage, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2019


“Blank Bottle Saint Rand – my first straight Pinotage. You all know the story of our recent trip to Marseille with our film Epileptic Inspiration. To solidify our memories and to keep us going until the awards ceremony on 14 October in Paris, I thought it good to name a wine after our adventure. Saint Rand is the registered name of our PTY Ltd. – Saint Rand Productions (tongue-in-cheek upper class name for our very humble but wonderful home town – the Strand). I appreciate the new lighter styles currently emerging in the marketplace, but deep down I like the heavier, old-style Pinotages way more. So with Blank Bottle Saint Rand, I aimed for something in between – not as heavy as the older styles and not as light as the modern versions.”

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