Blank Bottle, Moment of Silence, Wellington, South Africa, 2020


A garage wine blend of Chenin Blanc & Viognier. You know how when we talk about Vignerons buying fruit and mutter disparaging remarks about their lack of authenticity? Well if someone bestows you with the moniker of a ‘garagista winemaker’ who shrugs off the foibles of owning any actual vineyards whilst doing it suddenly you become the coolest cat in town. Meet BLANKbottle.


The big difference is that it allows CEO, Founder, Winemaker & Driver Pieter Walser to access an abundance of different varietals without the limitations associated with owning your own vineyards such as which cultivars will work with your terroir and reliance on a good vintage – he can choose what he wants to make in any given year depending on what’s performed well for the 60 grape growers he works with. This is a stark contrast to a negocé in France buying vast quantities of a single variety simply because it’s easier than actually growing the grapes yourself.


Politics aside, this is good kit. Fermented yellow plum, apricot, kiwi skin, cumquat peel and fennel. A wonderful, grippy texture that would rock and roll with fatty pork belly.

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