Benvenuti, Caldierosso, Istra, Croatia, 2018 – SALE UNDER £20


The story of the Benvenuti winery is a story of family, tradition and terroir. The vineyards are situated in the quiet Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking nearby Motovun, where they grow three grape varieties – Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat. Throughout history, these varieties have been giving the best results in Istria and it is therefore their intention to use the advantages of this unique territory sustainably, with gratitude for being a small part of it.


In this Cuvee, Teran and Nebbiolo give freshness and a lot of tannins, from Tempranillo comes a rich extract, dark color and density, and Merlot with its softness perfectly combines everything. The result is a wine with a pronounced fruitiness, ripe tannins, strong structure, and at the same time very drinkable and soft in the mouth.

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