AA Badenhorst, Sout Van die-Aarde Palomino, Swartland, South Africa, 2019


From a west coast vineyard near the town of Dwarskerbos, planted 60 years ago on fine beach sand and limestone bed rock. Adi tells us the grapes are always delivered with a little sand on them, and the name itself, Sout Van Die Aarde means “salt of the earth.” A little neutral on the nose, but the palate certainly makes up for it- staggering intensity! Herbal notes, grapefruit, bashed lemongrass, salty mineral streak, immensely refreshing and a little tart. Very long and textured.

We firmly believe that Adi Badenhorst is one of the most exciting winemakers in South Africa. He is also the most frustrating. His laid back, self-deprecating, playful manner keeps you guessing and makes you wonder whether he has any idea what he is actually doing, whether he just chucks some grapes into a vat and hopes for the best, but we know full well that there is a huge amount of expertise that goes on behind closed doors, when no one is around to witness his skill and diligence …and spoil his reputation!

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