New Italian Wines!

We have got two new Italian wines, one white and one red. Both are from Sicily and the grapes are grown on the hills surrounding the town of Marsala.


The white is made from the Grillo grape, also known as Riddu and Rossese Bianco. This grape can withstand high temperatures making it perfect for growing in Sicily. This grape is aromatic with many notes such as citrus blossom, passion fruit and grapefruit. This wine is a lovely alternative to Sauvignon Blanc and if you have not tried it yet, I encourage it! Perfect as an aperitif or with light salads and fish.


The red wine is made from the Nero D’Avola grape and it is considered “the most important red wine grape in Sicily”. This grape likes hot and fairly dry temperatures making Sicily perfect for growing. The Nero D’Avola is also grown in Australia, California and Malta. The grape is aromatic and has sweet tannins with plum, cherry and blackberry notes. This wine is very versatile and can be enjoyed with grilled meats and pasta dishes.


Both wines are currently £8.99 and can be bought online or in the No. 8 Wine Shop.