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Hi everybody,

Thanks for checking us out. As you may know, we here at Museum Wines try a lot of wine… like… a LOT… of wine. I mean, if wines were grains of sand, we’d be the Sahara.

With all that “tasting” sometimes I even get so excited I have to tell the world! So, hello world! I’m about to tell you something!!

We’ve got some great new gear in the shop made by the wonderful Philipp Lang of Freiburg, Germany. We’re such big fans of his work that we’ve imported 7 of his wines and are looking at getting some more. It’s truly awesome value. What you get in the bottle is worth a great deal more than what you’d pay for similar styles from elsewhere.

In the tiny little area of Tuniberg there are hundreds of years of winemaking culture. Philipp Lang, being the third generation to pluck,  press and process fruit, definitely creates a perceivable historical prowess in his wine. Philipp spent time studying state of the art winemaking techniques at the illustrious University of Geisenheim and thusly applied these practices to the already formidable winemaking skill that had been bred into him.

A wealth of limestone rich soils and a moderate climate make it an ideal place to grow Burgundian varieties but the laws and terroir don’t limit the grapes to just Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder), which is pretty great for those of us with explorative palates.

A serious vastness of styles can be experienced throughout the range. On one end of the spectrum we have the beautiful honeyed richness and concentration and tropical fruit ripeness on his Auslese Chardonnay. On the other is the crisp purity of gentle stone fruit and granitic minerality exhibited in his incredibly refreshing Grauburgunder (AKA Pinot Gris). Trying them both allows one to see the undeniable breadth available. We’re also lucky enough to have some of his incredibly decadent Spätburgunder Weißhebst trockenbeerenauslese and his great rosé Secco that tastes like strawberries on a summers day watching Wimbledon with your favourite person. Come in to check them out and ask about the full range, or click any of the wines below to be taken directly to their product page!

NV – Zweiklang Secco (Sparkling Rosé) – 11.5% abv – £13.99

2016 – Grauburgunder – 13.5% abv – £14.99

2015 – Chardonnay Auslese – 14.5% abv – £25.99

2014 – Spätburgunder – 13.5% abv – £19.99

2016 – Muskateller – 10.5% abv – £15.99

2013 – Spätburgunder Weßherbst Trockenbeerenauslese – 11.5% abv – £34.99

2011 – Spätburgunder Eiswein – 11.0% abv – £34.99


Drink well and better.

Your friendly neighbourhood Sommelier,

J Corey Evans