Half price Montrachet? Not quite, but as close as you’re going to get…

So, you’ve opened this article anticipating an offer that belies possibility in that you can buy a £50 Montrachet for just £29.49. Sadly, this is the real world and such things remain but a fantasy. However, if we traverse north of the famed region we’ll find ourselves in Rully where 39 year old Jean-Baptiste Ponsot is crafting single vineyard wine with fruit borne from vines twice his age.

The resulting wine embarasses many a Montrachet at £50+ given you’re paying for the juice inside the bottle and not the well known name on the label. You’ll be treated to characteristics of melting butter slathered on hot, toasted sourdough complemented by thick, chunky artisan marmalade and crushed vanilla.

If that doesn’t get you all acquiver then you could do a lot worse than getting involved with Domaine Bzikot’s Bourgogne Blanc which is essentially declassified Puligny-Montrachet from a vineyard neighbouring a 1er Cru site owned by the revered Olivier Leflaive.

Segueing out of Burgundy and into the Loire you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to try Domaine Pelle’s Menetou-Salon produced from fruit grown entirely in the village of Morogues. Again, the quality of this wine far surpasses anything from the close by regions of Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé at the same price or many that command a higher premium.