South African Wine Specialist

With examples from all over the world we are your local Dorset wine company experts, we have visited many of the places we buy from and we have hand picked some of the best examples in the world for you to try. You can even taste some before buying.  Why not join or mailing list to get the latest news and offers sent direct to you.

When it comes to wine we do tend to stick with the same one time after time, our good old go to favourite that we know we like. It can be fun however to try something new and that’s how we can help.

We are a Dorset wine company that and South African Wines are our speciality. We can help introduce you to new flavours and new experiences.  You can buy online or pop in and let us guide you through the wonderful world of wine.

We have monthly best sellers, special offers and specially imported wines for you to try. Expand your  collection with us and we can help advise on new flavours to try from new regions around the world. We can deliver anywhere in the UK as well.  We are also award winning South African wine specialists so why not come try some.

As a Dorset wine company, the majority of the wines we stock are imported directly from the wineries or distilleries. Museum Wines was formed in 2003 by Alex and Gretchen Boon, we created wine shops at the very popular Museum Inn in Farnham and The King John Inn in Tollard Royal. We also have retail locations in Tarrant Hinton and in Cranborne.

We have over 300 wines to choose from which include well renowned entry level options that offer great value for money up to the more luxurious imported wines from around the world. We also host fantastic tasting evenings where you can come and try loads of new flavours.

We retail red, white, rose and even Champagne as well as many other unique examples with something to suit all tastes and budgets. We have excellent relationships with wine estates from all around the world with many we have visited as well to see how it’s made and to sample for ourselves before adding to our stock.

Drop us an email or call in today to try something new for the weekend or that special occasion and let us show you why we should be your go-to Dorset wine company.