We’re seeing (Michelin) Stars…

We’re very pleased to announce that Museum Wines is now supplying Seven Park Place by William Drabble, the Michelin Star restaurant at the St James Hotel and Club… unsurprisingly located at Park Place… in St James.

Wines from Haut Espoir, Holden Manz, Moreson, Natte Valleij & Uva Mira have been selected by Head Sommelier Brent Bartlett to accompany William’s food, which has been deemed worthy of a star from Michelin for the past 9 years.

If you’re in the area we seriously recommend popping in to take them for a test run alongside some of the finest cuisine the capital has to offer. Though the wines do go just as well with beans on toast or a cottage pie so you can order a selection of them in a handy mixed case by clicking the link below…

A very unofficial Michelin guide to South African wine

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