New vintages of our best selling South African red & white…

We’ve now been importing wines from Moreson Wine Farm in South Africa’s Franschhoek Valley for just over three years and in that time two of them have been battling out for the crown of best selling wine through our website.

If you’ve not tried them yet then now’s the time as the new vintages have just arrived and they’re further evidence of how this farm is going from strength to strength, vintage after vintage.

The two wines in question are Mercator Chardonnay and The Widow Maker Pinotage, both now 2016 vintage. The very fact that Moreson release their Chardonnay at least two years after the grapes are picked is testament to their commitment of quality over making a quick buck.

They only produce around 7,000 bottles each year but that’s not an insignificant number to have stored (after all the production costs)  before seeing any return, but they do this because the want the wine to be at its best by the time it hits your glass and it makes a big difference. Such a difference that winemaker Clayton Reabow was named Diner’s Club Winemaker of the Year specifically for this wine last year.

As for the Pinotage, the grapes are sourced from the vineyard where the first ever Pinotage vines were planted and Moreson have exclusive use of the fruit grown there which is arguably the very best in South Africa. If you’re a wine lover but yet to be converted to Pinotage then you need to try this wine. If you don’t like it, no problem, bring it back and I’ll drink it with unadulterated glee.


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