A Mari – Gold Medal winning gins land in the UK

The translation from the original latin of “A Mari” is “from the sea.” But, A Mari isn’t just a clever name. Both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean gins are enticing expressions of each of their origins, being distilled using water from their respective namesakes as the base for the spirit.

These waters bring life and balance to the spirit and the coastlines from whence they came, enhancing the botanical character given by the carefully selected and appropriately sourced ingredients such as Madagascan Pink Peppercorns and indigenous Cape coastal Fynbos.

Both gins were awarded a silver medal at the IWSC awards in 2017 and 2018. The Michelangelo trophy commended the distillery for being the most innovative amongst their peers in 2017 and acknowledged their continued commitment with a gold medal for both gins in 2018.

They are incredibly balanced and beautiful through and through. We will have these gins available to taste anytime you’d like in the shop, because we can’t wait for you to try them, or go for gold and order online here

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