Library stock of Naudé back vintages…

It’ll come as no surprise that shipping wines from South Africa isn’t exactly straightforward at the moment, but there are some silver linings…

Whilst we were waiting (and waiting… and waiting) for our most recent order from Ian Naudé to finally set sail he had to get some of his older vintages
re-certified and we managed to talk him into letting us buy a few cases.

He reluctantly parted with six bottles each of his 2006 & 2007 white blend and twelve bottles each of the 2008, 2009 and his iconic Grenache 2014…

Due to the scarcity of these wines we’ve created two mixed cases with a selection in each which are strictly limited to one case per customer.

Just click below to order yours now…

1 bottle each of: White Blend ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, Grenache 2014 & 2019

2 bottles each of: White Blend 2008 & 2009 + Grenache 2014

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