Karen Krizanovich’s money is on Black Elephant MCC…

We’ve long championed MCC, or Methóde Cap Classique, as the savvy sparkling sipper’s pocket friendly alternative to Champagne. Now Karen Krizanovich, writing for Civilian Global, has dived head first into the category and its the range from Black Elephant Vintners that has gotten her all aquiver.

But first, let’s clarify something. When we talk about an MCC being as good as Champagne we often hear the argument “But I can buy Champagne in the supermarket for £20, why would I pay that for a South African?”

The answer is simple – Quality and value for money. Yes, there are Champagnes that exist for £15 – £20, sometimes even less. But just because it says Champagne on the label doesn’t mean it’s actually any good. Champagne can be produced from fourth, with or sixth press juice (the lowest quality, which can be disguised by adding sugar in the dosage) and released after 15 months ageing on its lees to meet minimum legal standards.

Whereas Black Elephant’s Zero Dosage, the wine Karen was compelled to buy herself after tasting it, is made from first press, high quality juice and aged on its lees for EIGHT YEARS. To buy something similar from Champagne you’d expect to pay at least £75 per bottle or even more for Bollinger’s equivalent “R.D” – the 2007 vintage was released today commanding £128 per bottle. meaning you could buy 5 bottles of Zero Dosage and walk away with change.

Click the buttons below to read Karen’s article in full, or order for yourself and see what all the fuss is about…
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