Inside the mind of an independent wine merchant…

I recently received a call from a customer who can only be described as being apoplectic with rage. The reason? He’d bought a bottle of gin from us only to discover the same product could be purchased for £3 less in a supermarket. My reply? Well, yes.

But what do you get from us for that extra £3? Aside from a higher level of personal service, product knowledge and jovial banter if you just want a particular bottle of gin why come to us rather than a supermarket?

Well, for one thing you can park right outside the door which is beneficial in not only its proximity but also quiets the doubt that you’ll ever find you car again. Our gins are always in the same place, easy to find and if we don’t have the one you want typically we can get it in within a day or two. Lastly, we only have a queue about once a year so there’ll be no need for impatient foot tapping as you wait in line or any interrogation from the self service till.

These easily dismissed factors will ultimately save you TIME and if you could buy an extra half hour to do whatever you please, whether that be squirting jam into envelopes or rubbing expensive cream into your knees, for a mere £3 I’d say that’s a bloody marvellous idea. Now click here for a song about gin.

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