Introducing our first Japanese & Macedonian wines…

The last few years have seen an abundance of wines hitting our shelves from countries no one would have considered as commercially viable producers five years ago. We sell a range of wines from Romania, all priced at £8.99, which was met with suspicion and nervous glances when introduced to our range back in the dark ages of 2016 but is now one of our best sellers with more than 1,000 bottles sold consistently each and every month across the range.

Now we’ve introduced wines from Japan and Macedonia to our offering, both countries which we’d never tried wine from before. So, why should you try them? Like the Romanian wines they represent good value for money. Even though they’re not quite as modestly priced if you wanted something of equivalent quality from a country better known for its wine production it would cost you a lot more. They’ve also received recognition from Decanter with Platinum and Gold medals at their annual World Wine Awards, an astonishing achievement for wines at their respective price points.

The Japanese wine is produced from a white grape called Koshu, which is indegenous to the country and had been getting a lot of good press this year. It’s light and crisp, with a refreshing acidity and low abv of just 11.5% whilst delivering a charming character of lemon, lime, jasmine, fresh pear and ripe melon delivered with a saline minerality not unlike that of Gavi di Gavi or even Chablis.

The Macedonian wine is also produced from indegenous grapes, namely Vranec and Kratošija which become easier to pronounce the more of the wine you drink… trust us. There are more than a few similarities here to very good Barolo, and the name of the wine ‘Barovo’ appears to suggest they’re well aware of this. Notes of dried cherry, plum, cassis, rose petal, tar, nutmeg, oregano, bay leaf and rosemary are all present in this wonderfully complex, supremely impressive wine which we thoroughly urge you to try.

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