The new vintage of our best selling Chardonnay has landed…

Clayton Reabow has been winemaker at Môreson Wine Farm in South Africa’s Franschhoek region for more than a decade and has spearheaded the drive towards becoming a farm who champion their region as a grape growing force to be reckoned with, as opposed to the former trend for buying grapes from neighbouring regions and simply making the wine in Franschhoek.

The farm is famous for their Chardonnay wines which are available as sparkling, unoaked, oaked or sweet – all produced from 100% Franschhoek grapes and crafted with the utmost care and precision.

Mercator is arguably their most well known and is our best selling Chardonnay. Their ethos in not only its production but when it is released plays a large part in its popularity amongst our customers. In its youth barrel fermented Chardonnay can display too much oak character which overwhelms the grape’s natural fruit flavours. That’s why after the wine has been bottled they cellar it for twelve months prior to releasing it to the eagerly awaiting masses. This allows the oak to integrate perfectly with the wine ensuring the customer gets what is essentially bottled harmony for the very modest price of just £21.99

Last year Clayton decided they weren’t doing quite enough with their Chardonnay grapes and created Wildcraft Equinox 79 gin, which has a flavour profile influenced by the development process of their barrel aged Chardonnay on 20th March 2018 – the date the gin was launched and also that of the Autumn Equinox in South Africa. The gin incorporates the same ethos as their wine and is distilled using only Franschhoek grown botanicals, and all but two are actually grown on the Môreson estate.

In celebration of all things Môreson, Chardonnay and Clayton we’ve put together a very special mixed case which you can order by clicking here. Alternatively you can just get stuck into a case of twelve bottles of Mercator and pay only £19.99 per bottle by clicking here.